Vorotek headlamp donated to Interplast assists in crucial surgery for Bangladeshi baby

Vorotek Headlight

Working alongside a team of handpicked volunteer surgeons from Australia and New Zealand as part of Interplast’s volunteer program, Dr Tanveer Ahmed was tasked with a difficult and complex reconstructive surgery for a baby born with amniotic band syndrome.

The baby was born at Bangladesh’s Dhaka Community Hospital with the condition that resulted in the auto amputation of fingers and toes, as well as a clubbed left foot. Thankfully, after two reconstructive surgeries, Dr Ahmed and his talented team were able to successfully reconstruct the baby’s limbs, toes and fingers affected by the condition.

The Vorotek headlamp donated by Interplast helped Dr Ahmed and his team with this incredibly complex surgery. When conducting a procedure as intricate as this, it is crucial that surgical teams have access to high-quality medical lighting via a reliable surgical headlamp.

Vorotek’s LED headlamp allows surgeons complete flexibility and mobility while carrying out procedures, providing adequate illumination and a substantial viewing area for the entire surgical team.

It is important that these types of advances in medical technology are adapted globally to help teams strive towards the best possible outcomes for all patients. Vorotek are proud to have been able to provide our headlamp to Dr Ahmed and his team in Bandgladesh, for what was an important and ultimately successful procedure.

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