Cerumen Management

Cerumen (Ear Wax) management & removal may be required for a number of reasons including hearing loss, discomfort and the successful completion of audiological procedures such as hearing aid fitting.

Ear Wax removal is a common procedure and is performed by a range of healthcare specialists including ENTs, Audiologists, General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners.

Historically treatment has typically been via “wet” methods such as syringing or flushing the ear. Today however, the preferred ear wax removal method used by ENT specialists, Audiologists and an increasing number of GP’s is manual ear wax removal using Micro-suction or Curettage techniques, under the direct vision of a VorOtek O Scope (or equivalent direct vision device).

Vorotek Microsuction


Oscope Depth

The shift away from “wet” methods such as syringing is being driven by a combination of client demand and Practitioners wanting to adopt a safer and more effective technique.  Complications caused by syringing are unfortunately a common reason for legal complaints against GPs.

Today Ear Wax removal by curettage or micro-suction under the direct vision of an O Scope is generally considered to be a safer and more effective treatment. In the same way an operating microscope works the VorOtek O Scope’s optical pathway converges the user’s eyes to just 12mm apart, while illuminating and magnifying the ear canal and tympanic membrane (see figure 1).

This is critical for both micro-suction and curettage techniques as it allows the Practitioner to achieve excellent depth perception in the ear canal and instrument with greater accuracy.

Not only is wax removal under direct vision a safer and more effective technique, it is also a fast and efficient process that will improve overall practice productivity.

If you are ready to make the shift to direct vision ear wax removal, please visit our micro-suction equipment page for more information on equipment and training options. Or send us a sales enquiry.


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