Micro-suctionWax removal Equipment

Simple and safe way to remove ear wax

Micro-suction under the direct vision of a VorOtek O Scope is a simple, safe, and effective way to remove excess ear wax and clear blockages in the ear canal.  It is accepted as the safest and most comfortable & effective technique when compared to traditional “wet” ear wax removal methods such as syringing and irrigation.

VorOtek offers a full range of micro-suction equipment and access to exceptional training providers to support you in making the transition to micro-suction under direct vision.


Setting up your clinic with micro-suction equipment is a very simple and cost-effective process.  A typical starter kit includes a VorOtek O Scope which provides direct converged binocular vision, a suction pump and disposable micro-suction tubes and controller handles. Learn more about the VorOtek micro-suction start-up package here.  Contact our office and find out what items are right for you by filling in our Sales Enquiry Form and selecting Micro Suction. If you would like a quote to place an order, please complete an Order/Quote From and select micro-suction.

Direct Vision Equipment – VorOtek O Scope

The VorOtek O Scope is ideal for micro-suction. It is a head-worn, light weight microscope that delivers outstanding binocular vision in the deep ear canal. Like a traditional microscope, the VorOtek O Scope’s optical pathway converges the eyes to just 12mm apart which provides excellent depth perception – critical for safe and effective ear wax removal.

Suction Pump

Effective Ear wax removal by micro-suction requires a suction pump that offers a gentle suction flow rate of 15-20L/min and a vacuum level of 500-600mmHg. The pump should be light weight, quiet and fully portable.  VorOtek has carefully selected a Suction Pump ideal for ear wax micro-suction. Check out our Set Up Video.

Micro-suction tubes & Controller Handles

Micro-suction tubes which are 70mm in length with a diameter of 1.47mm – 2.7mm, are ideal for ear wax micro-suction. VorOtek stocks the most common sizes including Green 14 Gauge (2.0mm), Red/Blue 12 Gauge (2.7mm) and Purple 17 Gauge (1.47mm) tubes. For greater control during wax removal, controller handles are also available.

Other consumables and spare parts

VorOtek stocks a range of silicone tubing and other spare parts to keep your micro-suction equipment running in top condition, please see our spare parts/accessories page for more details.


Professional Cerumen Management training, using micro-suction under direct vision of the VorOtek O Scope, is available from the following providers.  Click on the link to determine which one best suit your needs.

Audiology Australia regularly run wax management workshops for members. Contact Audiology Australia direct to find out when the next workshop is scheduled.  https://audiology.asn.au/Contact_Us

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For more information on training options available from Clear Ears Learning to go: https://clearearslearning.com/login

For more information on training options available from Crystal Clear Ears, go to: https://cpd.crystalclearclinic.com.au/



For more information on training options available from Ear Health Courses to go:

Ear Health Courses

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For more information on training options available from Pacific Audiology Group, go to:


Online Cerumen Management Course now endorsed by Audiology Australia.

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