Micro-suctionWax removal Equipment

Simple and safe way to remove ear wax

Micro-suction is a simple and safe way to remove ear wax build up and clear blockages in the ear canal.  To achieve the best patient outcomes micro-suction should always be performed under direct vision using a Vorotek O Scope or V Scope. In 2018 Vorotek commenced distribution of a range of quality micro-suction equipment. For the full range of micro-suction equipment, spare parts and accessories please complete order/quote form.

For Cerumen (earwax) management training options in Australia, please refer to the Sales Enquiry form and select Cerumen Management Training under I am interested in.

For Cerumen (earwax) management training options in New Zealand, please contact Vorotek New Zealand.


  • Vorotek Micro-suction Pump

    Otology Suction Pump

    Flow 20L/min, max vacuum 600mmHg
    Light weight (4.3kg) & quiet (<55dB)
    Fully portable

  • Vorotek Microsuction Tips

    Disposable Suction Tubes (Sterile)

    Micro ear suction tubes in single sterile packets
    Available in 14G, (2.1mm) or 17G, (1.4mm)
    Length 70mm

  • 3 Ms Controller

    Suction Controller

  • Vorotek Connector Tubing

    Suction Connecting Tube

    Length 3 meters
    Non Sterile