L ScopeSurgical Loupes & Illumination

Surgical Loupes & Fully Integrated LED illumination

Surgical Precision & ergonomic enhancement

The fully integrated design of the VorOtek L Scope ensures the loupes and the brilliant illumination are always optimally aligned. This avoids the need for frequent realignment, a characteristic of add on lighting systems.

The VorOtek L Scope is head worn (hands free), light weight (98gms) and emphases simplicity, durability and comfort.


  • 2.5 X Magnification – The loupes provide superb clarity and deliver a crisp image with an extensive field of view and exceptional depth of field.
  • Available in various working distances –  42cm, 47cm .
  • Surgical Quality LED Illumination – Brilliant 55,000 lux, with superior edge-to-edge uniformity across the entire field of illumination.
  • Coaxial & Dimmable LED illumination – The location of the brilliant LED illumination is as close to the visual pathway as possible, allowing shadow free illumination of the field of view. The dimmer function provides 8 evenly spaced levels of illumination (essential for eye procedures).
  • Dual Function – The loupes can be easily rotated in and out of use, returning back into the exact set up position every time. Upward rotation of the loupes allows uninterrupted vision, with or without headlight illumination.
  • The angle of declination of the loupes and illumination provides the ideal balance between head and neck position and eye strain.
  • The VorOtek Power Pack (Lithium Ion) provides  7hrs to >20hrs of ‘on time’ depending on the level of illumination selected.