Now available in Canada the VorOtek O Scope. A revolution direct visualisation of the ear canal.

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More and more ENT Specialists, Audiologists and General Practitioners are making the switch to ear wax removal under the direct vision of a Vorotek O Scope.

The Vorotek O Scope is a head-worn microscope alternative that delivers outstanding binocular vision in narrow cavities. In the same way a microscope works, the VorOtek O Scope’s optical pathway converges the eyes to just 12mm apart. This allows both eyes to reach the bottom of the ear canal and deliver excellent depth perception, which is critical for accurate diagnosis and effective instrumentation (see figure below).

This is critical for both micro-suction and curettage ear wax removal techniques as it allows the Practitioner to achieve excellent depth perception in the ear canal and instrument with greater accuracy.

Not only is ear wax removal under the direct vision of a VorOtek O Scope a safer and more effective technique, it is also a fast and efficient process that will improve overall practice productivity.

The VorOtek O Scope is now available in Canada through Ruby Hill Distribution Co.

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