Vorotek O Scope – now available in the UK

A word from our UK O Scope Distributor, Dr Jay Jindal, CEO and Consultant Audiologist at Audiology Planet


“I have been using the Vorotek O Scope for earwax suction for more than three years now and can never go back to the loupes again. After using a surgical microscope for earcare for sometime, I was completely frustrated with the other portable options I tried for earcare. Just when I was going to buy a big, bulky, beast-size microscope despite the dent it would put in my pocket; I happened to speak with my sister, who is a Consultant Paediatrician in one of the hospitals near Melbourne, who called me on a fateful weekend when I was frantically searching for the microscope. Upon hearing the tale, she told me that her ENT colleague always had some kind of scope dangling around his neck, and he swore by it. To cut the long story short, she purchased one for me and shipped it out and to say the least- it was a love at first sight for me. I could immediately see how my patients would be much safer with the Vorotek O Scope than using the loupes, which never gave a me good image and consequently, good confidence when I was doing one of the most invasive procedures of my clinical life, needing acute visualisation and optics.

I love the O Scope so much that we collaborated with the friendly team at Vorotek to get the CE mark and extend the access to this wonderful equipment to other colleagues in UK and Europe. Rest as they say is history. Since then, we have had many happy customers. Our first-year sales target was beaten in first few months. Good people of Phonak global at their Swiss headquarter now recognise O Scope as the only portable means of helping the clients with the deep fitting of Lyric systems. We have had some challenging cases where the clinician’s vision did not allow them to use loupes for one reason or another, yet they managed extremely well with the  Vorotek O Scope.

Vorotek O Scope

I would also take this opportunity to commend the hard work the team at Vorotek puts in their products. They have an excellent customer care system and always respond positively to the feedback. Just as a small example, very early on in the game, the Vorotek team was quick to respond to our customer’s feedback and modify the carrying case slightly at our request. These small things mark small perfections and perfection is not a small things. We also work very well with the Vorotek distributors in US and make cross referrals as and when they arrive.

All in all, I am extremely happy with  the product as well as the business relationship that we have with Vorotek. This just helps and motivates us to keep up with the expectations of our own clients here in Europe. We feel lucky to be in a position where we can positively enhance the quality of earcare service in UK by offering this excellent product to the practitioners.”

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