Vorotek M Scope – Dermoscopy

Vorotek M Scope Specs

Skin Lesion Dermoscopy with the Vorotek M Scope

Accurate skin lesion diagnosis benefits from a combination of both Clinical (naked eye) and Dermoscopy techniques. This combination allows for both gross morphological assessment as well as more detailed subsurface morphology. The Vorotek M Scope is a head worn medical device that allows Dermatologists and General Practitioners to achieve many benefits of both techniques with a high degree of convenience and accuracy.

Similar to a hand held Dermatoscope, the Vorotek M Scope combines magnification and brilliant surgical quality LED illumination. It also offers the flexibility to switch between non-polarised and cross-polarised dermoscopy at a range of magnification levels. Vorotek’s new cross-polarisation capability is delivered by combining a polarised magnifier and a polarised LED filter positioned perpendicular to each other.

The Vorotek M Scope offers two key advantages compared to a traditional hand-held Dermatoscopes. Firstly, it is a head-worn device which givens the user all the convenience of being truly “hands free” allowing the user to perform procedures under directly magnified & illuminated vision. Secondly it has a far wider field of view than a hand hand held dermatoscope allowing the user to examine a larger surface area in a typical consultation period.

When compared to Clinical (naked eye) examination the Vorotek M Scope’s coaxial design delivers homogenous shadow free lighting, unlike what you may experience with overhead lighting systems.

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